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Kingston replaces the affected secure USB flash drives with Upgraded Security

Posted by dillesh on January 17, 2010

Is your data secure in flash drives? Does the drive follow best encryption standards? These are the questions which arise to the every owner of the flash drives and especially a big concern for the business people who worry more about the official information which they carry in the portable drives. Recently, Kingston drives are affected and a flaw is notified by a third party company. The company has come forward and believe that the best solution is to replace the affected drives with new products.

The affected drives are DataTraveler BlackBox (DTBB), DataTraveler Secure – Privacy Edition (DTSP) and DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition (DTEP) which will be replaced with new models with an updated security. The company is going to replace the DTBB with a FIPS-certified flash drive while the DTSP and DTEP will be replaced with the DataTraveler Vault – Privacy Edition.

“We have decided the best way to address this problem is to offer our customers replacement units that incorporate newer and stronger security architecture,” said John Holland, vice president, U.S. sales, Kingston. “Since we were first notified of the potential hack, we have concluded that exchanging drives is the proper solution for our customers.”

[via kingston]


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