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Mobile Device Shipments will nearly Double by 2014, according to ABI Research

Posted by dillesh on December 24, 2009

Mobile devices are playing a major role in communication and have become a part of everyone’s life. One would never imagine a day without a mobile device as most of the business deals and the valuable information are dealt through these devices. ABI Research has announced a report and predicts a future business that the usage of mobile devices will nearly double by 2014. In the current year 2009, the total number of devices sold is estimated to be 1.2 billion and the report says that there will be 2.25 billion devices shipped by 2014.

Mobile devices as a category include netbooks, mobile phones, MIDs, cellular modems, and other consumer electronic items. The shipments of cellular modems in particular are expected to register a good growth over 67% the 5 year span.

We have seen a decrease in sales of handsets between 2008 and 2009 due to global recession, while the shipment of wireless handsets and cellular modems is impressive.

Industry analyst Michael Morgan says, “The next five years will see a shift in the breakdown between types of mobile devices shipped.” According to Morgan, “The convergence period for cellular communications is coming to an end, and now we’re entering a period of divergence. For many devices the technology is already in place, it’s just the business and billing models that need to be built.”

[via mobiletechnews]


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