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Coby issues recall on Rechargeable Batteries of TF-DVD-8501 portable DVD players

Posted by dillesh on October 25, 2009


We got addicted to the electronic products and cannot live without them, sometimes we pay price for which we are not responsible. Coby Electronics has declared a recall on almost 20,000 rechargeable batteries sold from the period January 2007 to September 2009 which resulted in a fire hazard because of internal overheating, confirms electronics experts. So far 10 reports have been registered on the damage of faulty batteries which resulted in internal overheating and 8 of them have caught fire abruptly. Happy news to be noted here is that everyone is safe without any injuries apart from having some damages to their property. Incidents like this will definitely demand us to be alert while using the electronic products. Read the rest of this entry »


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NZXT unveils steel mid-tower GAMMA gaming chassis

Posted by dillesh on October 25, 2009


Who wants their costliest hardware and components get heated up inside an old computer chassis and degrade the performance along with the life time of the hardware. It is the chassis where all the components bundled up must be capable of handling the heat generated within from processors, HDDs, high-end video cards and the powerful graphics cards. Read the rest of this entry »

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Broadcom announces new BCM2074x SoC solution for enhanced Bluetooth headsets

Posted by dillesh on October 24, 2009


Broadcom Corporation, a provider of semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications has introduced its new ROM-based 65nm BCM2074x family of Bluetooth headset system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions on Friday.  It gives a sigh of relief for all of us, as you can charge the Bluetooth headsets five times faster than the current products and provides you with double talk time contrary to the present devices which offer less run time even after charging for long time, claims Broadcom. The most worthy feature is that, it provides 4 hours of talk-time after a 5-minute charge when compared with the older generation and competing technologies that can only deliver 30 minutes or less with the same charge.

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Yamaha uncovers Zero Emission EC-f Electric Motorcycle

Posted by dillesh on October 24, 2009


Yamaha has unveiled its new zero-emission small stylish EC-f electric motorcycle at the Tokyo Motor show in Japan, which drag every one’s attention towards it. The device is specially designed with a lot care in keeping the riders of all ages to make motorcycling attractive. There is no surprise if a father gives as a gift on his son’s birthday and teaches him riding. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Android-powered Motorola Zeppelin hits China in 2010

Posted by dillesh on October 24, 2009


Motorola Zeppelin, the new Android Smartphone is due to hit in China, in the first quarter of 2010. Motorola’s handset Zeppelin is the first one to introduce a dual SIM slots concept which comprises of both GSM and CDMA, whereas CDMA slot being an R-UIM slot according to reports from Engadget. reports says that the Zeppelin is featured with a 3.1-inch 480×320 screen, a 5MP camera supported with flash, Wi-Fi, HDMI output powered with dual SIM slots. The device will soon ship to worldwide after its first arrival in the China.

Will update you with the price details of the device as soon as information is out.

[via engadget]

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